Streamlining Healthcare Delivery

Perry is an all-in-one HIPAA-compliant communication and care management platform connecting patients, providers, and everyone in between.

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Access the care you want, on your terms. Spend a few minutes a day to send key health values and chat with your full care team of doctors and nurses to get support and achieve your goals. No more waiting rooms, no more days off work, no long drives - simple, easy, efficient and how care should be.

Providers & Admins

Provide care like never before. Simplified planning and remote monitoring let you see how your patients are doing in real time. Efficient workflow and communication features lets you manage your team to deliver care seamlessly. Fewer no-shows, improved quality, and more revenue-use Perry to get back to what you love to do.

Employers & Payers

Connect with your members in a revolutionary way and learn about their real-time needs. Decrease member costs, improve quality measures, and effectively capitalize on new payment structures while maximizing your member’s happiness.

Technology With Benefits

Perry makes is easy and simple to achieve your health goals.

Simplify Your Care

Perry makes it easy to manage your health. Follow simple, clear care plans to always know what you need to do and when - and never feel lost again.

Communicate Smoothly

With Perry, no question goes unanswered. Chat with your care team from anywhere. No more long holds or confusion (what did the doctor say?).

Rest Easy

Your care team has your back - that’s precious peace of mind. Follow your care plans and let your team do the work to help you achieve the goals most important to you.

Feel Your Best

Working on your health goals doesn’t stop when you leave the doctor’s office. Perry is with you every step of the way to maximize your health benefits.

Care At Your Fingertips

Always available on your tablet or smartphone -- Perry is the ideal partner for your life on the go. Take your team everywhere you go and always know they’re there for you.

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Perry lets you get back to what you love to do: taking care of patients.

Streamline & Collaborate

Create care plans in seconds and instantly share them with other providers to collaborate. It’s simple and easy.

Monitor in Real-Time

Get real-time data feeds on the metrics you decide to collect based on care plans. No more wondering how your patients are doing when they’re home!

Receive Progress Alerts

Let Perry be your partner in taking care of your patients and expanding your reach with active notifications if anyone is going off track.

Communicate Smoothly

Leverage cutting-edge embedded tools to seamlessly communicate with your patients - saving you time while making them happy.

Gather Powerful Analytics

Empower yourself with real-time data on metrics that matter most. Think HEDIS, NCQA, and other institutional KPIs that you are aiming to improve. No more surprises on your quarterly report!

Boost Revenue and RVUs

You work hard but sometimes you can’t bill for things you spend time on. Let Perry help you capture new billing codes and generate additional revenue/RVUs!

EMR Integration

Perry can be rapidly implemented and can be integrated with your EMR or run independently!

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Perry leverages big data to give you powerful insights.

Drive Engagement

Want to be closer to your employees, members and providers? With Perry, you can engage with them and learn about their needs in real-time like never before.

Boost Productivity

Increase employee productivity, reduce sick days, and drive overall satisfaction by providing employees & members with the most important benefit of all: good health.

Gather Powerful Analytics

Understand your base using valuable data. Access powerful analytics tools to drill down to key insights, generate dashboards, and perform disease “heat-mapping” to identify areas in need.

Integrate Seamlessly

If you have case managers or other resources for your members you can leverage Perry to turbocharge their care delivery and enhance your existing tools.

White-label our Technology

Are you interested in white-labeling Perry and its powerful tools? We’d love to talk to you. Please get in touch via the form below!

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Perry is suited for the unique needs of rural America.

Learn More

Rural Health Initiative

CoBank, WTA Foundation, and Perry Health are launching the Rural Health Initiative (RHI), a joint nationwide initiative to improve access to high-quality healthcare in rural America. By leveraging CoBank and WTA Foundation’s deep relationships and commitment to rural America and Perry Health’s user-friendly, secure technology, the RHI looks to enable hospitals, clinics, and behavioral/mental health agencies to sustainably provide high quality care beyond brick and mortar facilities to address their community’s unique needs.

For more information about the Rural Health Initiative, see below to learn more.

Virtual Communication

Embedded tools such as chat let you choose how and when to communicate with your patients no matter where they are.

More Revenue

Generate additional income with Perry’s assistance in billing for new virtual care codes. Generate >$100k/yr in recurring revenue with just 100 eligible patients!

Easy-to-use interface

Simple, clean, and intuitive features/wording makes it easy for patients to know what to do when and for providers to configure care plans in seconds.

Rapid implementation

Perry can be up and running in a matter of weeks-heavy IT implementations are a thing of the past!

Offline Mode

Spotty connection, no problem! Perry can be used without a connection and will automatically sync once signal is restored.

Technical support

Dedicated technical support always available to answer any questions and make sure Perry is performing to your expectations!

No harm to phone plans

Don’t worry about using up minutes on a phone plan-Perry works through data connections!

Keep Care Local

Perry empowers your local providers to provide care to their patients-no outsourcing here!

Our mission is to make healthcare seamless.

Healthcare needs a change. Patients don’t want to be sick but a system consisting of fragmented data, inefficient communication, waiting rooms, EHRs, reactive care, etc prevents them from getting better. Providers want to deliver great care but the same system with it’s reimbursement structures, taxing schedules, lack of interoperability/data exchange, etc prevent them from doing so.

With Perry reimagine healthcare delivery without the broken elements and finally accomplish what it is supposed to do: keeping people happy and healthy.

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